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Gold Series
Capacity: 11 or 22 long guns plus 7 guns on door
Dimensions: 60" high x 30" wide x 27" Deep, 28 Cubic Feet
Weight: 950 lbs

Browning Gold Series Features:

Anti-Pry Features

•Heavy 10-gauge steel body •Anti-Pry Corner Bolts at all four corners of the door
•1 1/2" chromed locking bolts, four-sided door coverage
•Extended throw locking bolts
•Uni-Force Locking System with Anti-Pry Tabs and extension arms
•Fully reinforced integrated door frame
•Tight-tolerance door fit
•1 5/16" thick Duo-Formed® door

Additional Security Features

•Uni-Force Locking System with three cams(four on G65F)
•OmniBarrier® Lock Protection System
•Drill-resistant deflector plate
•UL® tool attack listed
•S & G® Group II lock with key lock dial and five-year limited warranty

Interior/Convenience and Appearance Features

•Premium DPX® Storage System
•Quick Access DPX Barrel Rack
•Four DPX Handgun Pouches
•NEW Knurled five-spoke Buckmark handle
•Interior light package and mirror
•Metallic Pointer scene bonded to the safe door
•Elevated floor makes removing guns easier
•Baked-on, high-gloss finish

Standard Fire Protection

•1200° F/100 min. fire protection
•Five layers of 1/2" fire-resistant insulation in the body
•Four layers of 1/2" fire-resistant insulation in the door
•Premium 3-in-1 Palusol® fire seal for added fire protection

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